Welcome to training on the Technology Readiness Tool. This training shows School, District, District Admin, and State-level users how to enter and maintain data in the Tool and how to use the reporting feature.

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Click on this link to view the training with a menu option. Navigation controls at the bottom of the window allow you to pause/play, and to click and drag the slider control to move forward and back within the section you are viewing. You can also click the arrows or individual menu items to jump forward or back to the beginning of other sections.

Click the icon in the lower right to hide the menu. Click it again to hide the navigation controls and enlarge the image. You will still be able to pause/play. Click the icon a third time to see the menu and controls again.

The modules below are currently being revised to reflect recent enhancements to the tool. The functionality demonstrated is current, although some screens may look slightly different from the current Technology Readiness Tool. Any new or significantly revised functionality is covered in the interim modules (noted in the menu of each module). Please continue to use these modules until the final versions are available.

   Training Title Click to Play
  Technology Readiness Tool
      Module 1: Devices and School Readiness Survey Questions - for all users
      Module 2: Organizations and User Accounts - for SRCs and District Admin users
      Module 3: Results and Indicators - for all users

Click here if you prefer to view the training in the .mp4 file format.

More Information

For more information about the Technology Readiness Tool, go to www.TechReadiness.org/FAQs
or contact your State Readiness Coordinator.

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